View Full Version : 20.1 ?

Jakob Kruse
13-Oct-2022, 10:53 AM
Is there a version for DF 20.1?

Bob Worsley
13-Oct-2022, 12:58 PM
That's the current version

Jakob Kruse
13-Oct-2022, 01:35 PM
OK. But where? The version on the DAC download site says "for 19.1".

Bob Worsley
13-Oct-2022, 02:31 PM
The Windows Application Forum (https://support.dataaccess.com/Forums/showthread.php?68794-Updated-DataFlex-2022-release-published-update-now!)shows a "2022" version, that's the same thing.

Jakob Kruse
13-Oct-2022, 02:34 PM
Okay, maybe I was a bit brief. But seeing as this is the "Custodian for DataFlex WebApp Server" forum, I was looking for the 20.1 version of that library/webapp. Not DataFlex itself, I do know where to find that :p

Bob Worsley
13-Oct-2022, 02:51 PM
Sorry, I didn't notice that...

André de Vries
17-Oct-2022, 03:07 AM
Hi Jakob,
Unfortunately there is no 20.1 version yet. Perhaps (I do not know) it is not too hard to convert it yourself from 19.1, which is available at:

Jakob Kruse
17-Oct-2022, 04:23 AM
No can do, unfortunately. The download does not include source code, only what's needed to deploy and run on 19.1. If only this was Open Source...

Vincent Oorsprong
25-Oct-2022, 04:30 AM

Ask your colleague (Sture) for the source code or for an update as he is the creator and does the maintenance.