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Chris Spencer
30-Jul-2022, 05:00 PM
I name my tables in MSSQL using camel Case.
I have just noticed that some tables are shown as lowercase in the studios table explorer and the DD created for these tables are also class names in all lowercase.

I don't know when this happened or what causins it . I cannot seem to find anywhere to

1. Rename them as I want
2. Find what setting may have caused this.

Any clues

Samuel Pizarro
30-Jul-2022, 06:10 PM
If you program is currently working to access these tables using different casing, it means your SQL db is configured to be case-insensitive. ?

Or are you having issue to access them right now from DF ?


2. Find what setting may have caused this.
as far as I know, there isn't! There have been several reqeusts from user over the years in this forum requesting something that would allow us to handle this per user prefference.. but ... nothing so far.

1. Rename them as I want
That's is a headache to do, and not reliable / not permament. Uppon tables definition refresh, or reconnect.. you mostly will revert to what it was.

I ended giving up over the years, and have all of them today in UPPERCASE (yeah.. terrible) but.. I stoped trying to make it stick..

Basically you need to "manually" edit the names in several different places:

edit the fileList entry ;
Stop studio ;
edit the .int file (DATABASE_NAME keyword);
edit the .fd file (1st line for the table name, others for the columns if you want) ;
edit the <data_dictionaly_class>.pkg file ;
edit the DDSrc\DDClassList.xml file ;

then pray!

Good luck

PS.: I may have missed something, as I typed this all from my vague memory.

Chris Spencer
31-Jul-2022, 05:31 PM
Sounds like 'Just leave it alone' to me.

Samuel Pizarro
31-Jul-2022, 05:43 PM

sorry , but that was my back experince with that, but I mainly use db2.. you may get better resutls with MSSQL.. I don't know..

have you tried to perform a table refresh definition, or re-connect to one of them ? Maybe ...

On DF-Studio, in Table Explorer panel, right click one of the "bad" tables, and select "Refresh Table" .
This should update the .fd and .int part.

The DD class, you would still need to go with the manual route..

good luck

Chris Spencer
31-Jul-2022, 07:33 PM

Thanks for the help
This is all over the place.

As you said there seems to be no commonality between areas

If I go to repair the connection all tables are showing with the casing that exists on the server (ie CamelCase).

I will just live with it.

As this is an older application that has been through all versions of DF up to and including 2022 it seems there was achange somwhere along the way as there is a mixture of casing in the table names

some are All Uppercase, others all lowecase and and then some camelcase.

1-Aug-2022, 03:10 AM
Doesn't really help but some links here in second post to older discussions


Evertjan Dondergoor
1-Aug-2022, 05:14 AM
The casing (and name) in Dataflex is just a matter of how the table was entered into the filelist. In DbBuulder, just filelist, edit entry and change the tablename how you like. Check the output-FD box and restart the studio (or reload the workspace if you find that more convenient).