View Full Version : database Builder plea

7-Jul-2022, 06:04 AM
A couple of issues with DB Builder that a couple of very minor improvements would have prevented.

Can the DBB show the full path to the .DAT file when it's an embedded table?
Can the 'convert to Pervasive' give a MUCH stronger warning about not deleting the original file? And maybe a suggestion to copy it out of the data path if it is to be preserved?

We converted all our remaining DF tables to Pervasive a few months ago. however we were puzzled by the fact that in a couple of cases changes we made using DBExplorer were not visible to the programs. A couple of days puzzled, in fact, as the user's description of the problem was, well, a user's description... :cool:

It turned out that the DAT , HDR and K files were still there alongside the BTR. We were making changes to the DAT which are not seen by the live data in the BTR.

I presume there is an old filelist.cfg somewhere which made this happen, but 2 above would have reminded us to do it correctly, and 1 would have let us realise what we were looking at.