View Full Version : DataFlex Diagnostics v1.1 is released!

Marcia Booth
5-Jul-2022, 06:59 PM
We are pleased to announce the release of DataFlex Diagnostics v1.1 - a free tool created by Data Access Worldwide to assist you in troubleshooting your DataFlex environments. The tool generates a detailed report to describe relevant characteristics of the environment where DataFlex is (or will be) installed.

In version 1.1 you will find two new, very handy features:
1. Scanning for DataFlex license files
2. Searching for and reporting on DataFlex Windows applications

Other enhancements include:
- Identifying CodeJock and driver versions for DataFlex 19.1 through 20.1
- Showing any existing DataFlex HTTP Modules within a website or application
- Changes on the main screen to show icons used in the output report
- Reading license file paths for each DataFlex revision from the respective register.ini
- Fix for duplicate paths listed within the CK information subgroup
- Fix for IIS "Enable 32-bit Application" that showed "Insufficient rights" when IIS was not installed
- Fix for viewing file permissions not working for Windows languages other than English
- Fix for anomalous license files in the Bin folder to not be shown for a Workstation installation
- Textual and visual dialog changes

For more information about the tool, access its version history (https://www.dataaccess.eu/resources/downloads/dataflex-diagnostics-version-history-2143) file.

To read more details and download the tool, visit the DataFlex Diagnostics download page (https://www.dataaccess.eu/resources/downloads/download-category/download-subcategory/download-item-781?dagadi=DFDIAG11).

Please, continue to share your experiences and suggestions on this forum. Happy troubleshooting!