View Full Version : Studio: Drag and drop sources should open last workspace

12-Aug-2021, 07:15 AM
I can set up the Studio to default to the previously open workspace. If I have no studio open, and I highlight a bunch of files and click open in the windows context menu it will open the latest studio but tell me it can't identify the workspace. Why can't it default to the last workspace open? Or offer me the list of recent workspaces from the registry?

To explain my reason, I typically have a group of source files with similar names but a wide range of non-standard extensions that are going to be in one release (the editor is 'trained' to recognise the extensions). I want to open them all at once by highlighting them then selecting the MS context menu open. If the above worked, I would take the trouble to fix the 'open with' stuff in the registry, currently only NotePad++ and Code offer this.