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12-Aug-2021, 07:05 AM
Now we have a forum for the Studio itself, this is probably a good place to acumulate all the suggestions for improvments to the development environment.

The simplest would be just a single pinned post that everything could be under, but we're an inquisitive bunch so that would grow too fast. So I'd suggest a 'standard' for thread titles so that they could be searched; eg: 'Studio: Need more find windows', 'workspace: add dbgpath to direct debug files.

The vBulletin software allows polls and voting, too, so centralising suggestions could be a way of getting new ideas out there and popularity-tested.

Incidentally the copyright at the foot of this page needs updating :cool:

Richard Hogg
12-Aug-2021, 07:50 AM
What about 'Studio YAFR:....'

Vincent Oorsprong
16-Aug-2021, 02:56 AM

Please file your suggestion for improvements by opening HDE tickets for it. Once we know enough about the suggestion we file it in our JIRA system.

Garret Mott
16-Aug-2021, 07:29 AM
Vincent -

The drawback to this method is that no one else ever knows about it - since HDE tickets are private. I would think it'd be helpful to DAW to know whether an idea was popular with just one person or 100.

Chris Spencer
16-Aug-2021, 10:57 PM
Was about to post similar

I agree wishlist needs to be open

16-Aug-2021, 11:22 PM
Also the community might assist with workarounds.

I know that DAW’s agenda has served us well, but a percentage of the features could be based on a submit/vote/refine system I think.