View Full Version : Bear plus snowflake equals polar bear

17-Jun-2021, 05:38 AM
Bear plus snow flake equals polar bear (https://andysalerno.com/posts/weird-emojis/)


Here it is:

and the other joiner emoji in the article:

The Hacker News discussion that had this article:

ahh.. so much fun. ;) ��

edit 1: it's amazing to see what you get if you look with different browser's and operating systems.. the "joiner emoji's" look different (rofl) oh boy oh boy

edit 2: oh crap.. I just edited my text and now all the emoji's are gone, replaced by <?> characters... copied them back in from a safari window I had open (hope it works)

edit 3: No it doesn't
(screenshot in safari from before the edit, note safari doesn't join any.. Firefox joins the second, but not the first, chrome also doesn't join on Windows 2016 server and there it also did not show the "exploding mind" emoji.. )
14688( the change text history of the forum.. in firefox on Windows 10)

Dennis Piccioni
17-Jun-2021, 01:52 PM
Fun stuff! 😼

17-Jun-2021, 02:53 PM
Fun stuff! 

Looking forward to the bug report that goes like "I can't save my Polar Bear emoji" (not)