View Full Version : Setting the psWPSecret property

24-Oct-2019, 01:17 AM
Can anyone help me with reinstating a DF4WP connection please.

In Dataflex 2016 18.2 we had a Wordpress site accessing another server running a Dataflex webapp. The customer upgraded their site and I am having trouble getting the plugin working with the new site. The documentation 'TheDF4WPPlugin.pdf' mentions a 32 character "Secret" which is needed to set the psWPSecret property in the web application. I can't find any reference to this property in the web app that was working with the old site. Is this psWPSecret just a generic name? The closest I can find is psWPEncryptSecret in cWPWebApp.pkg but I can't see where this value is actually set.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks. Paul

Mike Peat
24-Oct-2019, 04:47 AM

Looking into this, it is an error in the documentation (my bad! :().

The doc refers, as you say, to psWPSecret, while the actual property in the cWPWebApp.pkg is psWPEncryptSecret. This (psWPEncryptSecret) is what you should set to the entered, or generated, 32-character string from the plugin: where in the DF4WP plugin's dashboard (DataFlex for WordPress (DF4WP) Plugin Settings) it says "Secret (32 characters):".

I'll fix this in the original of that document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/15So3a_63N3WewvY_X7Z3VESCyNAALdL0vITe0MVPPmw/edit?usp=sharing) (I just did it, in fact), but the problem with PDF's is that they are fixed. :( I'll talk to Data Access about correcting that.