View Full Version : 19.1 Compiler Warnings

12-Aug-2019, 06:05 AM
Will this library be updated so that it does not produce compiler warnings in 19.1 ?


Joao Mauricio Rinardo
2-Sep-2019, 03:54 PM

I only see one warning regarding a web property inside cWebQrCode.pkg.

Are you getting additional warnings?

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Peter Bragg
11-May-2023, 07:09 AM
Using DataFlex 23.0 Beta 2 and DFSecurity 1.1.0.

I get compiler warnings in my WebApp due to some of the files containing "Use DfError.pkg". I know it isn't a big deal (the file will get ignored) but these are the only warnings that get generated and it plays havoc with my OCD.

23-May-2023, 05:29 AM