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5-Sep-2018, 07:45 PM

In the help under topic "DF_FIELD_NATIVE_TYPE" there are "Microsoft SQL Server-specific Values" and "IBM DB2-specific Values" but it looks like they are not defined in the cli.pkg.
When working on a field type varChar(max) the result is -201 which I expect to be SQL_VARCHARMAX as defined in the help.


Stephen W. Meeley
5-Sep-2018, 09:07 PM

The values for the various drivers are not defined in cli.pkg, but in the package for the specific driver. If you look at the mssqldrv.pkg you'll see that SQL_VARCHARMAX is defined for -201.

6-Sep-2018, 07:05 AM

Well did not look there. One or other expect and find it logical to me that all constants are put in dfallent.pkg. In that way if you define something yourself which is there already gives a compiler error.

One more question related to this. Using MSSQL database: in the studio you can define a field dateTime and you can set it in the last colum "DataFlex Type" to a Date. Searched for the API commands to do that but must look over it.

The DF_FIELD_NATIVE_TYPE (mk:@MSITStore:E:\Df\Vdf191\Help\LanguageReference .chm::/DF_FIELD_NATIVE_TYPE.htm) gives the MSSQL Field type which is in this case DateTime. But when I ask for the DF_FIELD_TYPE it still gives me DateTime but I have it Date "DataFlex Type"