View Full Version : Cartegraph REST API

Sam Neuner
1-Nov-2017, 08:50 PM
Anyone had any experience with Cartegraph REST API? If so, do you have any code to share? I have never done any REST work so any help would be appreciated.

Mike Peat
2-Nov-2017, 03:45 AM

I have just taken a look at this, but documentation of their API (which sounds good: "The REST API uses standard HTTP verbs and JSON to function. It can be used with any platform or system that supports HTTP and JSON serialization") seems limited to a description (here (https://www.cartegraph.com/campus/?mode=help&view=help&entry=advanced-user-tools), bottom of the page under the API heading), plus a short section at the end (last 2 pages) of a long (214 page) PDF Administration Certification (https://www.cartegraph.com/assets/img/help/Admin_Certification-Training_Guide-NatConference17.pdf) training document. No real API is specified in either AFAICS (no relevant URLs to even get started with for instance, nor very much of anything else).

The bottom line would seem to be that you have to contact them: "For more information, contact Cartegraph at 800 688.2656" - I'm guessing that is a US number (interesting partial dot notation!).

Happy to try and help, but I need more to go on. :(


Sam Neuner
2-Nov-2017, 09:31 AM
Thanks Mike. A customer has just purchased this product (Cartegraph), so I should be able to get their API and documentation at some point. May get with you when I have more info.