View Full Version : Misleading dialogs on new Tabbed Workspace Interface

11-May-2017, 11:48 PM

If you try to close a tab that is NOT the current tab - the verify_data_loss dialog pops-up but it can be misleading as the dialog is for the 'hidden' tab but shown on current tab.

To reproduce this, load and run the "Order Entry Tab" workspace.

Load "Order Entry" view and find a "Customer Number" ie 3 - basically ensure that the "Should_Save" for the view is true.
Load "Customer Entry" view - this should load with customer 3
Load "Inventory Item" view
NOW, using the mouse try to click on 'X' close icon of the "Order Entry" view without actually selecting it.
The verify_data_loss dialog appears on/over the "Inventory Item" view rather than the "Order Entry" view - this can be misleading as it looks like you're confirming changes for the current view instead of the view you're trying to close.

IMHO, on clicking the 'X' icon - the tab should be selected (set comSelected=True) before the verify_data_loss dialog is displayed.

15-Jun-2017, 05:26 PM
Bump - any response on this matter ?

Or at least activate the view before popping up the dialog, as there may not be a need to activate the view if there isn't a verify_data_loss dialog.

Stephen W. Meeley
16-Jun-2017, 11:00 AM

No changes are planned in this area for 19.0.