View Full Version : bug in class cConnection

28-Apr-2017, 11:06 AM
I discovered a run-time problem with the cConnection class, specifically with the C_ConnectionIniSectionPWD constant.In the file dfconnid.ini is written as DFPWD and in the constant is with PWD, in this way the password of the user is not found.
I changed the constant and started to find the password, but the decryption of the password does not have the correct password.
I believe you are encrypting in a wrong way the maintenance of the IDs or the error is in the decryption.

My environment and windows server 2016 and sql server 2016 with dataflex 19 beta 2

Stephen W. Meeley
28-Apr-2017, 11:30 AM
There are two encrypted passwords - one for the tools (Studio, etc.) and it is stored as DFPWD and the other for the application and it is stored as PWD. They use different mechanisms and seeds.