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Nils G. Svedmyr
21-Feb-2017, 05:43 AM
Does the new CodeJock interface changes and the new peVisualTheme mean that skins are now properly supported "again"?

It has been a couple of years where some at DAW have strictly advised against using skins at all and it has been at least in my eyes a bit annoying. Can we "safely" deploy skinned applications to our customers with DF19 without these rants?

Finally; the new way of using skin .dll files is the suggested way of using skins, right? So if we endure using .msstyles or .cjstyles where are "not so much supported"? I'm fine with that if it is the case. Just good to know what is expected of us.

A note on the "Alpha 2 Build Notes - CodeJock Update". The text talks about the new CodeJock interface and the ChangeTheme message. When looking at the package code it looks like the message to use is "Set peVisualTheme to xx"?

All in all it looks like DF 19 is really starting to come together and it looks great, well done team!

Stephen W. Meeley
21-Feb-2017, 05:50 AM

We keep hoping that skins (or to be more accurate, themes) would be more stable in the newer CJ released but alas, that doesn't seem to be the case. We had to jump through some big hoops to get it to work as well as it does and there are still issues and it just doesn't seem to fit together that well. Our cautions about the use of themes have not changed.

Nils G. Svedmyr
21-Feb-2017, 06:06 AM
Hi Stephen,

OK, good to know. Thanks for the info.

Over the years since Skins came around I've been using them in many, many applications and as a general rule they work great. The only problem I've came across I think is with popup dialogs and sizing, but that is quite managable to fix with a bit of extra coding in sub-classes.

Question: Have you in your research concluded that "themes" aka using .dll based skins are more "stable" or hassle-free compared to .cjstyles & .msstyles? So we should at least keep away from them if we insist on using skins?

Stephen W. Meeley
21-Feb-2017, 06:17 AM
Both skins and themes have their own unique inconsistencies. The bottom line is to fully test whichever you pick.

Nils G. Svedmyr
21-Feb-2017, 07:13 AM
Thanks for the clarification.

One final question:
You don't happen to have a list (rough as they may be) of those anomalies you have found with skins laying around, have you?

Such a list would for sure make its place on our checklist(s) for things to test before a new software release...

Stephen W. Meeley
21-Feb-2017, 07:15 AM
We did not attempt to create such a list - not even a rough one.