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Garret Mott
30-Dec-2016, 11:12 AM
Hi -

I'll try to make this brief, but may need to explain a bit.

I realize that DAW has chosen to go the 2 webapp route - one for desktop & one for mobile/tablet. However, WP is fully responsive: Desktop to phone.

A client wants a new site (current is 10 years old) & an absolute requirement is that it be fully responsive (as I defined it above). They really like the WP concept for static pages, but they also need to display info from the DF side.

On the DF4WP site, the DF side seems responsive if I choose a mobile app, but there is a ton of white space to the left & right of the DF portion when at desktop size. I realize that I could get the samples & mess with stuff, but the client needs answers sooner rather than later & I have a steep learning curve on the new webapp.

Can a site be configured with WP code displayed to the left and/or right of the DF portion? Or is it WP on top & then everything below the "banner" DF only?

Maybe visuals will help? Go to http://www.dataflex4wordpress.com/index.php/en/weborder-mobile/ on your desktop. You will see the white space to the left & right of the DF "screen". It goes away if you shrink the browser size. The client will find all that white space unacceptable (I've worked with them for many years & can guarantee it ;))

Are there any other sites that I could look at that do not have all the white space?

TIA - and I hope what I'm asking is clear as mud.... Happy New Years everyone!

ETA: Well - as I play with it - it's really not fully responsive on the desktop. Horizontally it is, but vertically I get 2 scrollbars - one for the site as a whole & another for the DF "window". On my phone/iPad there are no scrollbars, but I do have to move up & down. I see extra time being needed to tweak stuff - so I better raise the estimate!

Bob Worsley
30-Dec-2016, 11:42 AM
TIA - and I hope what I'm asking is clear as mud....Wouldn't you want it clearer than mud? ;)

Garret Mott
30-Dec-2016, 12:01 PM
Mud is about as clear as I get - as you well know!