View Full Version : DataFlex Diagnostics: A New Build is Here!

Marcia Booth
14-Dec-2016, 12:24 PM
A new build of the tool is available now. This is what it includes:

- Better way of detecting DataFlex installations
- Show system and user locale
- Show DataFlex compiler status for each revision
- Show DataFlex registry status (missing or blank entries) for each revision
- Show Web Application server status for each revision
- Show Operating system's service pack
- Default CodeJock and Connectivity kit version table in settings.ini
- Fix "insufficient rights" issue (some were marked red instead of yellow)
- Fix for "Array variable dimension range exceeded" which caused a crash
- Fix Parent items marked red when there are only warnings (yellow) items in the group
- Optimization (caching of received data during report generation)

You may download v. from http://www.dataaccess.com/download/DFDiagnostics and for instructions on how to install the tool and more details on how to use it, access its readme (http://download.dataaccess.com/utilities/DataFlexDiagnostics_ReadMe.txt) file.

Don't forget to share your experiences and suggestions on this forum. We are watching it so keep those coming! :)