View Full Version : Disable drill-down from grand-totals upsets group drill-down

Michael Macliver
10-Nov-2016, 02:34 AM

I seem to have an issue when I tick the "Disable drill-down from grand-totals" report option. When ticked, if I drill down on a grouped figure, the drill-down report is the entire data set, i.e. matches the grand total. Which is what this option is trying to avoid in the first place.

If the "Disable drill-down from grand-totals" is unticked, when I drill down on a grouped figure I get just the data for the group in question as expected, i.e. a subset of the grand total. This is how it should be regardless of the setting for this option.

An I doing something wrong or might this be a bug?


Bob Cergol
10-Nov-2016, 09:16 AM

I tested this on two reports. On a report with a drill down path of all row groupers I could not reproduce the problem, but on a report where the drill down path proceeds to a level having both row and column groupers I did reproduce the behavior.

Does your report have column groupers in the next level in the drill-down path?

Can you send me the report documentation?


Michael Macliver
10-Nov-2016, 09:00 PM
Thanks Bob.

The report has two break levels under the main groupers, but they are all row based not column based. Attached is the documentation. Let me know if you need access?

Bob Cergol
11-Nov-2016, 09:11 AM
Mike, I reported this to Cintac and it was acknowledged the behavior is inconsistent, and until now never noticed. The option was originally conceived for use with pivot tables and "with the pivot it ignores all total drill downs apart from the inner combinations (both having a column and row dimension at the lowest level)."

Some suggested workarounds might possibly be to: make one of the groupers a column grouping, or use the "grouped values on each row" option, or move the drill-down path into a related-to report -- though I can see that might not retain the partition and view parameter values it looks like your report data source is using.

If it were me, I would just allow the drill-down on grand totals and be done with it. The reason to disallow that is usually because the result set is too large and/or slow to display. You could perhaps put a note in the report header or "about" cautioning drill down on grand total. You could also limit the result set using the "maximum rows per page" setting. Sometimes I have altered the groupings in the 2nd level to accommodate case of user clicking on grand total at the top level.

Let us know if any of these are viable workarounds and/or if this is a "show-stopper" for you.


Michael Macliver
14-Nov-2016, 10:02 AM
Hi Bob,

No I don't see it as a show stopper, but I would like to know it's going to be fixed in the future, even if just in DAI 7. In the meantime I'll just allow the drill down on grand totals. I was disabling this for performance reasons, but I guess users will have to come to terms with it. I don't like the idea of displaying warnings or having unreasonable limits.

Bob Cergol
14-Nov-2016, 10:39 AM
I am sure it will be fixed. Cintac is now aware of it.

You might be able to address the performance issue when a user clicks on the grand totals by adjusting the groupings in the next level, i.e. either adding a new one and pushing what is now in level 2 down a level, or moving some of the existing level groupers down to level 3.

I understand that clicking on the grand total at each level would still be available and ultimately have exactly the same performance -- but at least if the users click it in level 1 then you should be able to make the output pop to the screen at least as fast as the first level is working for you. At the most detail level you could prevent an overly large result set having to be streamed to the browser by limiting the "rows per page" in report design options.


Michael Macliver
14-Nov-2016, 08:49 PM
Thanks Bob, yes I understand what you're saying. If this was just an individual site I'd have a lot more flexibility in fine tuning things. However I'm trying to build, as an initial offering anyway, a one size fits all set of reports. We can then deliver some great value business intelligence reporting around Triumph, which will be the hook for customers to take it further.