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12-Oct-2016, 02:23 PM
We have to create a report similar to the Rank # Customers report, but this report should show only those records that match a given parameter.
We have to compare the revenue of the top 10 clients to the total revenue. Since the report's own total shows only the revenue of 10 clients, we've made another report about the total revenue and imported it's total to the main report.
But in the main report we need only the total of records that are filtered by a given condition. Because of this we should be able to give this parameter over to this other report.
First we've managed to do this with dyn.view parameter (@PAR1@), but from our previous correspondence it has turned out that ticket authentication doesn't work with this type of parameter, so we had to move this filtering from the view into the report. That's why it would be necessary to handle the parameters of this two reports together.
We've also tried to create 10 key figure values for the 10 groups in the report that contains the total revenue. In this case we should be able to refer from the main report to the sufficient total values by condition. [[//parameter@DAI:2920//]] This parameter should be set to the given value. We've also tried to use the DAI_S_ORSZJEL value, but it didn't work out. What is the solution to this issue?
best regards
Géza Michaletzky
NEXT Software Ltd.

Bob Cergol
12-Oct-2016, 06:41 PM
Hi Geza

It is true that the child report supplying values to the key figures in the parent report will not inherit the parent report filter values. I gave you an example of using a dyn-view with view parameters that will accomplish both requirements, but it looks like ticket authentication doesn't support encryption of the &FPARM#_=[value] in the URL. Did you try the other syntax with ticket authentication I suggested? -- DAI_P_FPARM1 ?

Since we know that report filters are supported by ticket authentication encryption, and you can pass the filter values in the URL -- did you try to use redirected filters in a dynamic view as I suggested? In theory they could work the same as parameters.


Bob Cergol
14-Oct-2016, 08:34 AM
For others reading Geza's post, the ranking report he refers to and the URL syntax I refer to are demonstrated below:

This URL runs the report and changes the default parameter value of 10 to 7.

This URL runs the report and changes the partition value to show bottom 5 rankings and the parameter is hidden.

Ticket encryption is a technique to hide the password and filter values to make them tamper proof. This technique is demonstrated here:
All of these and many more examples can be run from this DF WebApp: www.dataaccess.com/LiveDynamicAI (http://www.dataaccess.com/LiveDynamicAI)

Lastly, there's a blog on how the dynamic ranking report was made here: http://www.dataaccess.com/blog/dynamic-ai/how-to-make-dynamic-variable-top-bottom-ranked-drill-down-report-using-dynamic-ai-916