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Chris Spencer
20-Sep-2016, 08:42 PM
From my understanding the webap view/or page is embedded in toto in a wp page that has no other content than the webapp itself.
Is this correct?

The reason for the question is i am dealing with a client who is contracting to get a wp site built and I am having problems dealing with that company.

they want to provide a column down one side of every view (as the probably have used a 2 column layout) to have the webapp data entry placed. I dont want or really need this as it make
the webapp look like a mobile app no matter what device

Also I believe there should only be one place (Iie a page) to embed the app

any thoughts?

Mike Peat
21-Sep-2016, 02:56 AM

No, you can have other content on the WP page, but obviously it will need to fit around the WebApp. Where you position the shortcode in the other content will control where the WebApp appears. The shortcode creates a <div> element for the webapp to "live in" at the point in the content where it is placed.

I have not tried embedding a WebApp in a multi-column layout, but can think of no special reason why it would not work, although obviously the design of the WebApp need to be on the "narrow" side or it will not fit (so yes, it will be prone to look a bit like a mobile app).

I'm not sure what you are getting at with the "only one place to embed the app" - you can have multiple apps on a WP site, as the demo site (http://dataflex4wordpress.com) (which has four) demonstrates. I'm not sure you could have more than one on any given page though - I have not tried that! :)


21-Sep-2016, 03:11 AM
It is possible to take up less than a page for the WebApp. The WebApp lives in a Viewport which, by default takes 100% of the screen but that can be changed. For example, I have reduced the height to 93% and put a footer in a <div> below the ViewPort. This appears throughout the App.

The DF Content Manager allows banners etc. to share the page as does the Wordpress Content manager. Not sure if you can have multiple Viewports on the same page however because DF supports only one WEbApp per Workspace and Index.html is per workspace.

If your client want to use some of the page real estate for other purposes (maybe advertising) that is his choice and you may need to write your application as a WebMobile App so it can be squeezed in. One of the strengths of DF is that you have the choice.