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25-Feb-2015, 03:52 PM
In my opinion there has felt the adoption obliged to the style "metro" if the intention is that DF will be a language focused on final users. It is undoubtedly the GUI most criticized by the programmers in the whole world, and in the history of the computers. But it is the style adopted by Google at present and Microsoft at present and to future across Nokia. Nevertheless a company of software needs a language opened for any surprise and that can need break the game under certain circumstances " and be able to do it ". Already it happened in DF's conversion to VDF, which in several occasions some client us put against the ropes, on having asked us how it was possible that being " so good " language, it was not allowing us to do things that yes a novice could do with VB.

This has in addition another side effect. It is a fact that in programming is using an argument theoretically well, " to give to the user the style that the consumer wants ", for actually make all uniform everything to the style that the manufacturer of shift promotes. Drowning any attempt of " making it better ". This is very nice for final users, since of an easy form they obtain the result for that they were waiting because it is the only the one that they know. But applied to companies, this supposes that our applications will be equal to the others 200.000 companies of software that make it equal.

Not understanding anything, it is a fact that increasingly, more companies, institutions and governments collaborators of our clients, are requesting increasingly information. For what screens that before only were needing 100 fileds, have happened in our case for putting an example, to 250 fields. Therefore to make clear that to develop a WEB equal application for a comfortable monitor 16:9 of 27 " or another device of 7 " in a Facebook format, looks like to me a silly thing. It is my opinion.