View Full Version : DAIReset problemas

15-Sep-2014, 05:52 AM
DAIReset seems not to make any difference on a DAI Server 6.4.97 running on an Windows 7 Pro.

After resetting the password it keeps saying that there were too many failed logins.

Any ideas of what might be wrong and how to solve it?

Computer has been reinitialized, cleaned the browser cache, permits of DAI files have been checked, ....


Bob Cergol
15-Sep-2014, 08:46 AM
The only time I have seen DAIReset fail is when the Administrator user was deleted. The reset utility does not expect this, does not test for it, and does not report it -- it just doesn't do anything. The sole purpose of that utility is to reset the password on the account for user "Administrator" to the default password. You do so by entering the default password when prompted. No other password value will work.

If the administrator user is deleted, and no other users were created and/or credential for other user accounts with admin privileges cannot be remembered, then the solution is to restore DNMC.DAI from backup or from EmptyDNMC.dai file found in DAT folder. I recommend (without exception) when installing Dynamic AI that on the very first login as administrator, an additional credential is created with admin privileges. This can be done easily simply by using the "new copy" button on the user profile screen when viewing the Administrator user profile -- then entering a new login name and password.