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10-Sep-2014, 06:36 AM
Sorry guys if this sounds very basic but here tehy go:

1-can the Dynamic administrator cancel a user session ?
2-Is there a way to limit how long a Dynamic session is open without activity and close it if it is longer than the time specified?


Bob Cergol
10-Sep-2014, 07:25 AM
1. not for a specified user -- recycling Dynpool in IIS Admin. would end sessions for everyone. You can find out the users last/current session ID by querying the dnmclog table -- then maybe there is some IIS method of killing a specific session -- but all values from user-profile are read on login so you couldn't take away rights even and expect that to affect current session either.,

2. Dynamic AI works to keep sessions alive when there is no activity so long as the browser is left open. Whatever the IIS idle timeout is DAI pings the server at minute less than that value to "keep alive" -- What I do to guarantee all sessions re recycled if users neither log out or close their browser is tell IIS to recycle the app pool at a specified time every day. (Note: IIS default for this is an odd number of minutes that equals 29 hours I think, so that recycle then drifts and could end up happening in the middle of the work day. I recommend either turning that off, or setting a time when no users are, or should be, active.)


10-Sep-2014, 07:45 AM