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24-Aug-2014, 09:08 AM
We are a small business with a new web-site which, when fully developed will become central to out business. The development has been outsourced to a consultant who has now become too ill to complete the project. Our in-house systems are running in DF 3.1d which I have developed using Pervasive V11 as the backend . The web-site developer has used php and some SQL but I have written web-services under VDF 17.1 for most data access to ensure enforcement of business rules and minimise debugging.

Currently, Order Entry is working satisfactorily and is being used by a small number of customers. Customer administration is also functioning. There is also a simple CM system which is adequate for now.

The first task for the new Developer will be to complete the remaining functionality using DF which must coexist and interact with the existing site. As stated above, all data access is provided by web-services so most of the work in this phase will consist of web programming rather than data manipulation. If possible, my preference would be to use DF18.0 but V17.0 or 17.1 would also be suitable. We have licenses for all versions of VDF. The main objective is to achieve full functionality as soon as possible.

The ultimate aim will be to rewrite the whole site in DF & Electos with a view to porting it to the DF cloud when available and reliable.

Thereafter, there will be ongoing maintenance. This will be a long term relationship.

The Developer we need will be able to demonstrate successful implementation of web sites written in VDF preferably in conjunction with Electos. While we are using a PSQL backend it is likely we will need to change to MS SQL when porting to the Cloud so knowledge of PSQL is not a pre-requisite but MS SQL is. We have hardware & OS technical expertise in an allied business so there is no need for the developer to have that experience. Our office is based in Adelaide, Australia but we expect that Developers with the necessary experience will most likely live in USA or Europe and work remotely so geography is unimportant although a good command of English is necessary.

If you have the necessary background, experience and time, please reply to ian.vagg@firstaidmanager.com outlining your experience and giving some reference sites.


28-Aug-2014, 06:04 PM
I am closing this post as I have had a number of replies from well qualified developers and am sure I will be able to come to an agreement with one of them.

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