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Nicholas Cole
21-Mar-2006, 03:34 AM
We are looking for someone interested in setting up an office in Perth
Western Australia. We need someone to take over our client base.

We have a number of clients paying between 5 and 10K per year annual
maintenance for a DOS based accounting system and one client paying $9K per
month maintenance plus an average of $3K per month of chargeable time.

This is an opportunity for someone to secure a guaranteed maintenance income
of around $300K over the next two years as well as the potential to sell
your own product to the existing clients. This needs to be used as a
platform to build a business in WA. The 9K per month is only until February
2008 (They are implementing Oracle Financials).

Price is negotiable and we would consider a combination of Cash and equity
and/or partial vendor finance.

Rick Kyle on