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Garret Mott
9-Mar-2014, 04:25 PM
aka "Hey! I actually read What's new!" ;)

I'm really liking what I see in the new SQL stuff. Get DDOConstraints is a really welcome addition. While it may be a little thing, Caption Support for Templates is also welcome. No more menu items that say "oSomeReallyLongGeekTypeViewName"!

I know Mertech is working on a new driver release for 18.0. Does anyone have any ideas as to what of the new stuff already works with a Mertech driver?

Extra space:

DD SQL filters is applied to most but not all DD find and read methods. They are applied to Find, Request_Find, Request_Read, and Locate_next). They are not applied to record identity finds Find_By_Recnum, Read_By_Recnum, FindByRowId, ReadByRowId and they are not applied to parent table relates associated with a find. Rereads which are applied as part of DD saves and deletes do not apply SQL filtering. Filters will be used when autofill constrained finds require a child find (e.g., you find an order record and it finds the first related child).

Maybe add the red for clarity?

SQL filters can be used alongside DF constraints. When used with DF constraints, the SQL filter will perform the filtered find on the server and, possibly, return a record. That record will then be tested by the DF constraints.

Set pbUseDDSQLFilters to True

Procedure OnConstrain
Constrain Customer.State eq "CA"

Set psSQLFilter to "Customer.Name LIKE '%J%'" //This will be called first!


Add word (& maybe 2nd for clarity?):

Note that pbUseDDSQLFilters is not tied to SupportsSQLFilters and that pbUseDDSQLFilters is not automatically set true when SupportsSQLFilters is true. If you start using SQL filters your record finding strategies may change significantly and you may not want to use the same strategies with a non-SQL database such as the embedded database. This change should be a deliberate developer decision.

Mike Cooper
9-Mar-2014, 07:02 PM
Your suggestions will have them seeing red:mad::p

Stephen W. Meeley
10-Mar-2014, 06:59 AM
Edits made.