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15-Jan-2014, 03:23 PM
We have a very nice chart, which prints perfectly. The only issue is the client wants to open it in Excel.

When they transfer to Excel either as an Excel document or linked the graph doesnt appear.

What are we doing wrong? We have looked in detail at the help and cant find any settings we are missing?

Bob Cergol
15-Jan-2014, 06:20 PM
Dynamic AI Charts aren't going to transfer to Excel. It can't render a javascript chart since its not a browser and Dynamic AI is not passing it a tChart-generated image file. Ditto for "open in Word".

I know the customer is always right ... but personally I don't understand why anyone wants to use Excel as a substitute UI for the browser when using Dynamic AI reports -- UNLESS what they want to do is further manipulate the data using a tool they have more experience with -- in which case I advise using the CSV option. I think it's cleaner because it gives you the raw data. The other options actually just feeds Excel an HTML file but naming it with a .XLS extension. Excel knows how to render in its grid, but Excel 2010 and up complain about the discrepancy between the file extension and the file contents.

Printing in Dynamic AI depends entirely on the browser -- so the browser is printing the chart image it rendered -- Dynamic AI isn't doing anything special during printing.


15-Jan-2014, 06:40 PM
Thanks Bob.

I understand but the client wont!

Why they want to open it in Excel or Word is they want to embed the reports in management reporting.

If we moved to the Java based grids we talk about yesterday would that transfer to Excel / Word or are we categorically saying it cant be done?

Bob Cergol
16-Jan-2014, 08:34 AM
The javascript-based, HighCharts will not transfer to an Excel sheet. They also don't email.

Why not define a chart in the Excel sheet itself? The Dynamic AI report can be opened in such a way in Excel that it refreshes each time the Excel sheet is subsequently opened. There should be a video on that at the Dynamic AI T.V. link (see resources sticky post.)

Maybe you can embed the URL to the report in "management reporting".


Bo Andersen
16-Jan-2014, 11:52 AM
Hi John,

Bob is right that the excel/word export do not include charts. His suggestion of pulling data into Excel from Dynamic and have that data update en excel chart would work. Otherwise taking screenshots of the chart in Dynamic and pasting them in Excel would work. Not elegant, but you'd get the same output.

Best regards

Bo Andersen