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1-Aug-2013, 08:37 PM

I have organised for a proper licence for DAI, but I was neglectful in not entering the details before my Trial licence expired. The instructions for updating to the new licence codes starts with "navigate to menu Administration, General, System, System, Setup Tab, Reset Activation button", but because I was so late with this, trying to run DAI now comes up with "Your trial version has expired", and there is no menu as such.

Should I uninstall / reinstall, or is there a less disruptive approach?

Nic Townsend
Autosoft, Sydney, Australia

2-Aug-2013, 02:09 AM
Hmmm ... Perhaps I'm being dim. My DAI is now asking for an activation code, though I would argue I have done nothing to effect this change since I posted my first entry a few hours ago. I'm guessing this might be because I deleted the activation.ini file out of the Programs / DAT folder, though it still showed the "version expired" message straight after I did the delete. Maybe I needed to do some sort of IIS reset in between (which may have happened in amongst the other work I've been doing on my computer today).

Anyway, I can now enter my activation code, so I guess this thread is redundant (though I appreciate the 11 Likes the post received... What? Views are not Likes? Oh well.)


Bob Cergol
2-Aug-2013, 08:06 AM
Precisely. I was going answer your first post that if you don't install a permanent code prior to the evaluation code expiring, then you're locked out of the system and can't navigate to the System Setup tab page as needed.

You could uninstall -- but it's simpler to just delete the activation.ini file after which navigating to the site will present the registration/activation page just as if you installed fresh.

BTW, how is your roll-out of Dynamic AI to your application users going? What sort of feedback are you getting so far?