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Russell McDougall
13-Jul-2011, 12:23 AM
Prior to making this post I have had regard for:
The wording of the license agreement.
The wording of the guidance notes of licensing in a citrix/virtual machine environment.
A recommendation I have received from our local area rep for the Asia Pacific Area.
I am still confused so I seek guidance.

One server installation of vdf.

There are three workspaces and a separate vdf for each the only difference being ws file that is used to access each workspace. If required i could easly have one exe with workspace selection at logon. I believe the workspaces and no of compiled vdf programs is irrelevant to licensing.

That installation is then published into one citrix session that is accessed from three locations called depots and a forth location being the accounting system.

No matter which location logs onto a citrix session the session is the same.
The citrix virutal server is virtual and fluctuates over three virtual servers and a person logging in would have no idea which one they were accessing. To set that up once the main installation is created. The registry, shortcuts and ocx's are replicated across all access servers.
These are not the actual numbers below but have been simplified for the example.

Depot 1 will have two permanent staff.
Depot 2 will have One permanent staff and one say MTW and another for TF Effectively job sharing the week.
Depot 3 will have similar staffing to depot 2.

There will be one roving staff member that may be at any depot and will still work Monday to Friday in addition the the above numbers.

Accounting would only have 1 staff member accessing the system for no more that say 1 hour per week.

At depot 2 and 3 there are other staff on top of the above who will access non vdf products. These staff will never access the vdf software.

Who many client licenses do we purchase?
How many users. Either for each or in total?

In addition if one permenent staff member left and was replaced with another how does that affect the no of required user licenses.

I did not fully understand the advice from the area rep and stand to be corrected because i found the advice hard to follow. I was told three separate client licenses were needed and he quite correctly pointed me to the wording of the client license and was saying that the number of concurrent users was not relevant it was the total number of people who "could" access the server regardless of the total number of users only using vdf. He kept saying "Could access" whereas i was saying "would access".

If I further understood correctly, when someone left and replaced that is yet another user required - there was no transfer. At this point in the conversation i quite frankly gave up and said we should take the discussion online for guidance.

Any answer from Daw should explain if concurrent users feature anywhere in the formula. I was told it does not from version 8 or so onwards where the concept of a runtime license was changed to a client license.

It should also say how it relates to the license agreement or the advisory paper of licensing in the virtual scene and if they match.

Any guidance would be very much appreciated.

May i suggest some examples would helpful in the virtual machine guidance notes.

Thank you.