View Full Version : Minor detail... I guess (VDF9.1)

Ian Verona Andersen
15-Jun-2005, 06:42 AM
Just a minor detail...

The tree-view in the code-explorers left side lists the tree-structure of
the objects within a parent object.

Exampel of a view.

Outer-Component code
- vwMyView <- Object
- Data-Dictionaries <- Object
- frmTest <- Object
- edtOutput <- Object
... and so on

But if you have a *.src file open, the filename of the used objects are
listed instead of actual objects used by the application?!?
Is there a purpose for this (besides that there is a "Use vwMyView.vw"
declaration in the src), that I'm not seeng?

When looking through another programmers code you may run into a "Send
Activate_vwMyView" called from another view within the application.
Then you look in the *.src file and hopelly find "vwMyView.vw" under
"oClientArea". But guess what! The former programmer hasn't used the same
name for the main object and containing file.

Only one way to go.... CTRL+1 and manually look through the results. This
gets a little tiresome, when you, as I do, always work with somebody else's