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Stephen W. Meeley
6-Feb-2005, 02:28 PM
To all,

We'll have these changes published in an updated Alpha build no later
than Wednesday. I don't want to try for Monday because we're just
getting started in the open testing and it's more efficient to gather up
a bunch of changes and publish them at once. The only reason I want to
get a new build out for Wednesday is because that's when I leave for
DISD and I want to have the latest out before DISD.

Best regards,


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Conversation: Asp v Soap Interesting comparison V10.1
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> > I checked this behaviour using the DAW VDF10.1 Samples by modifying
> > the bDoRequestDeleteCustomers function in the
> > CustomerInfoService.vw. All I
> did
> > was to increase the set_argument_size to 260000 and increased the
> > size
> > the XML document sent to the WSO by adding a few large text elements

> > to
> the
> > end of it it. I got the same results.
> Please send me that modified code so I can reproduce the problem on my

> machine, and I'll take a look at it. It sounds like a bug.

I was able to reproduce it, and it was just a bug. It got messed up with
large amounts of data above roughly 80K. I've fixed it in 11.0 (atlhough
it's not in the current alpha build as I just fixed it today).

I also tracked down the other problem you mentioned with having to set
argument_size. It was also a bug. You should be able to transfer
arbitrary amounts of data without having to worry about argument_size.
It will also be fixed in 11.0 (again, not in the current alpha build as
it was tracked down today).

-Sonny Falk (DAC)