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  1. Welcome to the DataFlex Hangout!
  2. Virtual seat app
  3. All aboard the COBOL train!
  4. iPhone or Android ?
  5. Unit tests
  6. For those who are clueless about Powershell & CSS
  7. Dark Theme
  8. Vendor for ODBC Drivers
  9. Microsoft Build 2020 online and free registration
  10. B-Tree explained
  11. I Guess this is how we replace the junior Programmers?
  12. Too serious nowadays
  13. Sometimes the cure seems worse than the problem
  14. Last Will & Testament (not mine...)
  15. Dataflex Zoom Meet.
  16. PDF Merge
  17. Interesting video presentation about SQL application aproache and best practices
  18. The GIT blog
  19. Microsoft has Dataflex?
  20. I don't take this as political