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  1. Welcome to the DataFlex Hangout!
  2. Virtual seat app
  3. All aboard the COBOL train!
  4. iPhone or Android ?
  5. Unit tests
  6. For those who are clueless about Powershell & CSS
  7. Dark Theme
  8. Vendor for ODBC Drivers
  9. Microsoft Build 2020 online and free registration
  10. B-Tree explained
  11. I Guess this is how we replace the junior Programmers?
  12. Too serious nowadays
  13. Sometimes the cure seems worse than the problem
  14. Last Will & Testament (not mine...)
  15. Dataflex Zoom Meet.
  16. PDF Merge
  17. Interesting video presentation about SQL application aproache and best practices
  18. The GIT blog
  19. Microsoft has Dataflex?
  20. I don't take this as political
  21. DataFlex 2020 is a LOUSY name for the product
  22. Whales
  23. OOPs! article from Medium
  24. StarZen Technologies and Hurricane Sally
  25. POS User interfaces
  26. apologies
  27. A little more information about hte practicalities of Unicode.
  28. WARNING! False email messages from CodeJock
  29. Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 10 minutes
  30. Green car!
  31. Explains why our conferences are so creative
  32. Happy Thanksgiving!
  33. Rusts option construct for null is elegant
  34. Sarcasm Driven Development
  35. Top 50 FREE Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Engineering and Programming Courses from the Ivy League Universities
  36. Retail is the reason for the season...
  37. Happy Holidays!
  38. Does this make you smile - or worry you?
  39. Poof! 2020 is gone and New Zealand is in 2021
  40. FYI code signing sha1 timeserver from verisign
  41. Nice Case - Congrats !
  42. I need your help...
  43. Classics
  44. Win32 metadata project
  45. Bad software and Covid-19 vaccine distribution
  46. MS Office javascript API
  47. Anybody currently in Madrid?
  48. Storing pictures etc in your Database is VERY BAD IDEA