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  1. Capture Any Print Document on the network and Save as TIF or PDF
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  3. SAP anyone?
  4. New Visual Imaging ActiveX 4.1 release available
  5. Re: Overcoming the "One man band gets hit by truck" worry.
  6. Software Business for sale.
  7. Membership Management Software
  8. DOS To Windows Management Software Developed
  9. VDF vs VB.NET (beta 2)
  10. Re: VDF vs VB.NET (beta 2)
  11. Re: Overcoming the "One man band gets hit by truck" worry.
  12. New Visual Imaging 4.3 been release for VDF11
  13. Idea to Increase VDF Exposure
  14. GIS VDF applications
  15. Development software.
  16. Visual Imaging Active X 4.3 released for VDF11.x
  17. OT: 60 second promo for a NEDC customer
  18. [SWE] Övertagande av befintligt system
  19. Seeking VDF Programmer with Uniform/Linen Experience
  20. VIsual Imaging 4.5 released for VDF11.1 Special Offert for VDF Users
  21. Wanted - class for logins & access rights
  22. Re: Overcoming the "One man band gets hit by truck" worry.
  23. Re: Overcoming the "One man band gets hit by truck" worry.
  24. Lets just do it ourselves...
  25. Team building
  26. "hit by bus"
  27. VDF/Web App, a competitive advantage?
  28. OT Florida Businesses - Sales Tax?
  29. Must have (free) tool for everybody ever doing a presentation
  30. Commercial Sales System (complete) For Sale
  31. Announcing Lead Link a commercial Sales Management System
  32. Server Hosting
  33. www.RoloFlex.Biz - Platform for your vertical market app?
  34. Announcing Visual Imaging 4.7 for Visual DataFlex 12.1 (Vista compatible)
  35. Add A Codejock Diary System To Your App
  36. Icons...
  37. Announcing RoloFlex 12.5 built on VDF 12.1
  38. WASP service message XX
  39. RoloFlex EMail Module Released...
  40. diferentes lookup ...? vdf 12.1
  41. Announcing Visual Imaging activeX 4.7.3 lite edition
  42. Full complete set of Classes for VDF12.1 are availables. VDF developesr can now use all Codejock Control Suite Controls.
  43. New complete setup for cj Classes for VDF 12.1
  44. Electos Quick Start available in Spanish
  45. Launching a VDF shareware or freeware product
  46. Shareware, VDF and Roloflex
  47. OT:Small Shots of VDF for the Spanish Speaking Community
  48. Installer software
  49. Visual Imaging ActiveX Bundle with cCodeJock Classes veru special offer up to 7 march only
  50. Visual imaging ActiveX 5 Alpha release with PDF viever looking for beta tester
  51. Available new version 1.4
  52. Visual Imaging 4.7.4 new demo with all sources compilable
  53. Available new release 1.5 classes cCodejockforVdf 2008
  54. Sad news
  55. RoloFlex 2008 Published
  56. cCodejockClassesforVdf Rel.2.0 for vdf2008 coming soon
  57. Codejock wrapper classes 2.2 for vdf2008 and codejock 12.0 release ( 21 wrapper classes ready to use)
  58. VPE Free Community edition
  59. new codejock wrapper classes 3.0 with support for new Extreme suite CJ Control 12.0.2 and VDF2008 available
  60. Automotive Software - Australia?
  61. ERP/ Manufacturing Software
  62. Editor add-on for VDF 14.1
  63. Sisaex
  64. Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders ERP. ERP Para Agentes de Aduanas y Transitarios
  65. VPE 5 and OpenDocument Format (.odt)
  66. Building Online Awareness!
  67. PRObug - Documenting Bugz
  68. To Client/Server or not to Client/Server?
  69. Membership software agent in Europe
  70. ERP for furniture resellers mono or multi store
  71. Looking for a Workflow application
  72. One programmer shop considerations
  73. Please share your industry information resources
  74. Marketing our product
  75. Dragonsblood.biz
  76. Add Pro active error monitoring and event logging to your webapp based websites and webservices
  77. Converting VDF to .NET
  78. Mobility
  79. Citrix Licensing
  80. Improving - License Ordering for Developers
  81. Which international site to order from?
  82. Base64 encoding/decoding control
  83. Looking to team up with a developer for larger proposals
  84. Searching for a PATIENT SCHEDULING Package
  85. LinkedIn Groups
  86. Grasp Software Corporation is moving
  87. Visual DataFlex Developers Menu version 17.0
  88. Is it just me, or....
  89. AWS Sales and Support... Hello, anybody there?
  90. Secondary monitor dream come true
  91. Converting IVR to DATAFLEX
  92. Progress development system
  93. RDC Tools International's new website is up & running!
  94. OT: Vimalin a product for macOS and VMware virtual machines
  95. Client requested a proposal to build a webapp.
  96. Technet
  97. Df licences rt
  98. Exclusive offer: 15 custom icons for €350
  99. Auw
  100. Transport Management System
  101. Complete ERP System. All Intellectual Property/ Manuals etc etc for Sale
  102. Text to Voice to use with Camtasia
  103. Document Management System
  104. What Companies are using DataFlex?
  105. Version Control Software
  106. OT: Get a great looking website
  107. Pos
  108. MS Edge WebView2 ActiveX wrapper
  109. Hotel PMS system